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Ceremonies & Rituals

Humans have a natural tendency towards marking significance in rituals and ceremony.


I can help create a ceremony for you if:

  • You need to make a major shift in life and want a way to connect to those higher parts of yourself, and access the guidance, strength, and inspiration you need to traverse this

  • If you need to make a major shift, or want to mark a transitional point in life

  • To celebrate a special day

I can facilitate various rituals and ceremonies for you either privately or for a group you invite. I can tailor it perfectly to your precise intention and needs.


I also occasionally do these rituals in events you can attend with other members of the community, so look at my 'events' page to see what's upcoming. 

Cacao Ritual Bristol.jpg
Cacao Ceremony

I work with ceremonial grade Cacao. It is an amazingly versatile medicine that works with our intentions to bring cleansing, healing, heart-opening, and insight. Cacao is very heart opening, and can help us to access our higher wisdom, true feelings, and clear inner sight. I hold private ceremonies for those who have small groups of people who'd like a tailor made ceremony, in your space or another private space. I also sometimes work with this medicine to facilitate and deepen the other healing, teaching, and ceremonial offerings. 

Despacho Ritual

Despachos can be of two main kinds - those to clear and remove that which no longer serves us, and those which call in that which we wish to create in our lives. It can be powerful to work with these two consecutively in two ceremonies. First, clearing away the blocks to our health and happiness, making space, and then filling the space with what we wish for our highest good. However, they can be done individually, depending on your intention and needs. A despacho ceremony will be performed in sacred space, and will involve co-creating a prayer bundle, filled with items that symbolise or represent the things we are shedding or seeking. Typically, a 'letting go' despacho will be buried, and a 'calling in' despacho will be burnt in a sacred fire. It works according to the principle of AYNI - sacred recipricosity.

Fire Ceremony


Working with the sacred Grandfather Fire, we can pray into being that which we wish to create. Working with the fire is a good way to consolidate healing, letting the warmth of the flame penetrate your being and reinforce positive changes, and for deep prayer.

Cord Cutting Ritual 

Whenever we relate to another, energetic cords form between us, allowing for an energy exchange to occur. Sometimes these cords become unhealthy, and projections, transferences, toxic emotions, and distortions can interfere with the realtionship with that person. The process of cord cutting doesn't actually 'cut' the cord, or damage or interfere with any good, wholesome, beneficial aspects of the relationship, but it can provide a 'reset' to allow for change in the difficult aspects. This ritual is especially helpful when a relationship has ended. If this applies to you, a cord cutting can allow you to reclaim your power, and return theirs, remove any hooks that are keeping you attached so that you can move forward more easily, allow for insight and to see things from a different, often higher perspective, and facilitate the grief process. 

Sacred Space Ritual

I can show you how to set up sacred space in your own chosen place, including creating an alter. I can show you how to cleanse and protect your space, thereby improving the energy and your health and happiness in it. 

Be your own healer...

We each have the ability to heal ourselves, and we can empower ourselves with tools to improve the quality and depth of our lives, as well as increase our experience of joy, peace, and love.


I share much experience and knowledge to inspire your own healing journey via online courses created especially for my clients. This can also be a much more cost effective way of accessing my work and support. 

I teach various techniques and skills for effective self-healing, self-hypnosis, manifestation and healthful living, and you can see more about these on my dedicated website. 

Start co-creating now!

Email me today to find out how I can help create a ceremony for you.

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