Book Sessions with Joy

The Booking Process

  1. Schedule an initial phone consultation (15 min) with me using the button on this page.

  2. Schedule our first session during that call.

  3. Download my client intake questionnaire here to complete and return to me before our first session.

  4. Make the payment for your initial session via bank transfer, or cash or card if in person. (This can be deducted from the cost of a package if you decide to get one after your first session, so that your initial session is at the lower rate).

Discovery Session

1 x 90 min session

A great place to start working with Joy, to clarify your goals and move some energy towards healing your issue or block.



Shift Package

6 x 90 min sessions

Commit to a series of 6 sessions over 6 - 12 weeks to resolve a deep key issue and make important steps towards transforming its roots for lasting and sustainable change.  



Transform Package

12 x 90 min sessions

Commit to a holistic transformative process 12 sessions over 3 - 6 months to dive deep to the core of a significant key issue, or to work in depth on multiple issues.



Initial Phone Consultation

Book a complementary phone call (up to 30 mins) to discuss your needs, with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a call with Joy?

Use the "BOOK NOW" button on the 'Initial Phone Consultation' block on this page. If for any reason that isn't showing up or the link isn't working, try clicking here:"

Do I have to book a call with Joy to book a session?

At the moment, if you are a new client, yes. Joy offers this free of charge and the purpose of the call is to ensure that it is a good fit.

What if I have no phone or an international number?

You can provide an email address and we can use an internet based service like Zoom. Just say in the comments box how you would like to be contacted.

What time zone are sessions and calls booked in?

Joy is based in the UK so she is in London time - this will either be GMT or BST depending on the season.

Can I decide at the end of the first session whether or not to book a package?

Yes! In fact Joy recommends it if you are new to her work. For those who are existing clients or who have taken her courses, you may wish to jump straight in with a block, otherwise book a discovery session first to explore it and then book a block if you want to go deeper.

Can I get my money back if I decide not to finish a block?

The reason for the lower cost of the block booking is that you commit to the healing work. This can be supportive if it encourages you to work through difficult material that comes up. You are never under obligation to continue with sessions if you choose not to, but they won't be refunded except in discretionary cases. If you are unsure about your committment, try a discovery session first, or wait until you feel more ready to make that committment.

What is your policy if I cannot attend a booked session?

If you have booked a single session, this is refundable with at least 7 days notice, 50% refundable within 7 days, with the option of rescheduling if that is possible, and no refund is offered if you cancel within 48 hours.

The client intake document is not downloading or there is a problem with it.

If you are having a problem, email and Joy will ensure you get a form by email. If you need it in a different format because of compatibility, ask for a pdf.

How are sessions held?

I have a healing space in Bristol UK for those who are local to me. For everyone else, I work using zoom.

What do I need to do to prepare for sessions?

You'll get the most of sessions if you arrive: - with an intention about what you would like to focus on, and your goals - well hydrated - with a journal and pen - in a comfortable space - with privacy - with some space after the session to transition

Are you sessions affected by COVID?

Zoom sessions are unaffected. In person sessions have been risk assessed and the best advice is to ask Joy about this during your call as the regulations are updating regularly.