Healing Sessions

The In tribal communities, when someone visits the shaman for healing they may be asked "when did you last sing? when did you last dance? when did you last pray?"
I believe we are all our own best healers, and that you do have everything you need within to support your healing and growth. However, I also know that when we get stuck, and feel especially heavy, or when we have a larger issue that we feel able to process alone, it can be hugely supportive to have some intervention in the form of compassionate and skilled healing from another. The usefulness of support from another person is especially true when it is healing in itself to ask for help and to practice receiving, and when you are needing to heal relational wounding. 
My aim will be to restore you to your own healing potential as soon as possible, and empower you to continue when you are ready with your own healing journey as a confident self-healing divine being. 
If you feel a resonance with my energy and specific skills,  it is likely that you have been attracted here and could find medicine in the work I offer. 


The sensitive souls amongst us can accumulate trauma and can suffer needlessly when they are not shown tools to navigate strong emotional processes, healing childhood wounds, healing chronic issues. More than this, to thrive, find creative flow, joy, and purpose in life! Many of my clients come with one of the following goals, so if you feel called by anything on this list, I warmly invite you to get in touch to book a session:

  • Resolve trauma, heal old wounds, unblock stuck energy

  • Resolve inner conflict or challenging thought patterns

  • Break bad habits (including addictions)

  • Heal emotional problems (including stress and anxiety)

  • Heal the body (including pain and disease)

  • Recover from narcissistic, or other abuse

  • Create new healthy habits

  • Access lesser felt parts of you (your heart, your shadow)

  • Connect to and nurture your inner child

  • Unlock creativity and latent talents

  • Find direction, purpose, and meaning

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The healing begins the moment you arrive, and come into the resonance of the healing field here.


Although you may notice a shift from the moment you decide to book, or confirm your session! In a healing session we would typically start by discussing what brought you to the session and what you'd like to get out of it. It can be illuminating and sometimes a relief to have a reflection and reframing of the issues during this process. 

While we talk, I will also feel into the energy of what you bring to the session, and use this along with spirit guidance to co-create with you a healing plan to resolve your issue, which may involve any combination of different modalities and methods.


It is sometimes the case that the healing needed is for an unseen or unconscious root cause,  of which the presenting problem is a symptom.


My role is to help bring this into consciousness and resolve the cause, so that the symptoms can clear up as well. I find this a more efficient way to work than only focusing on symptoms.
We will dive into whatever healing will be most helpful for you.


We aim to get to the root of the issue and clear as much as possible in that session and bring you into alignment and health in the best and highest way.


This could involve any number of specific techniques.


I am a trained energy healer (methods of the school of Barbara Brennon, theta healing and reiki) and trained hypnotherapist, with skills in shamanic healing, crystal healing, oracle reading, and various kinds of process work, both somatic (emotional) and cognitive (beliefs). 

Before you leave there will be a little time to integrate the healing and an opportunity to reflect on whether there may be any positive steps to take after the session to maintain the healthy changes.

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If you are considering a session but have questions, I offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions (with no obligation).

Then you would need to complete a client intake questionnaire and schedule an initial session, which would be either 90min or 2hr session is best, to allow for sufficient depth to feel definite and noticeable relief and improvement right away. 

Working with me is cumulative. If you decide to work with me, the best results come from a series of sessions over a period of time to get to the very root and permanently shift the issue.


If you are honestly ready to transform the issue for good, then I recommend you book a package of sessions as this is most cost effective. 

  • £60 per hour for ad hoc sessions

  • £495 for 9 hours (e.g. over 6 sessions of 90 min)

  • £900 for 18 hours (e.g. over 12 sessions of 90 min)

Blocks can be used over 6 months. Weekly or fortnightly sessions work best for most. This is usually enough to transform even the deepest rooted issues and trauma, or at least to find satisfaction with a significant improvement.


An in-depth tailored journey into my subconscious

“Last night I had my very first hypnotherapy session EVER. Joy has the most warming and calming aura, I kept immediately welcomed walking into the healing space (which is probably one of my favourite places to ever had been in). The hypnotherapy was incredible but the craziest healing process I’ve ever experience. I went into in with some form of expectations yet having no experience or actually knowledge of what to expect and it exceeded all knowledge. Anyways, it was wonderfully in-depth, tailored to my own journey into my subconscious and deeply relaxing. Booked another session before I left and would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to explore this type of healing or is looking for a new hypnotherapist to contact Joy!.”



DISCLAIMER - I can not diagnose any disease, do not claim to cure any disease, and should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment for any condition. If you are taking medication for a medical condition, it is possible that through healing your dosage may need to be adjusted, so it is important to continue to dialogue with your healthcare provider.

Cancellation policy - Full refund or transfer if you cancel with at least 5 days notice. Discretionary 50% refund or transfer if you cancel within this time up to 24 hours before, and no refund or transfer if you cancel within 24 hours.